BCCI allows international players for Ranji Trophy

The Board of Cricket Control of India decided to allow international players to take part in its first-class domestic championship starting this year.

The technical committee of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which is chaired by batting legend Sunil Gavaskar, said state sides were now free to include one foreigner in their ranks for the Ranji Trophy contest.

The Ranji Trophy is the India’s Inter-state competition and a good performance here often makes a selection to the national team.

Former England batsman Denis Compton and West Indian pacer Roy Gilchrist had played in the Ranji Trophy during India’s pre-independence period but the trend was not carried later on.

The BCCI had been trying for such a move for the past two years in the wake of dwindling spectator interest and almost negligible TV viewership.

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Sandesh Kumar Jaggi


3 Responses to “BCCI allows international players for Ranji Trophy”

  1. Nischal Shetty Says:

    What do you think. Is it a good idea to allow international players in Ranji?

    Will it make the game popular? If it does at what cost? I mean won’t it be like stealing opportunity (and money) from all the local talent?

  2. sandeshkumar Says:

    I think you replied to your own question. I think the game is definitely going to get popular by getting more attention by everyone but yes, this is going to come at the cost of place of local talent.

  3. NewssyLee Says:

    Thanks to you

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